Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Saturday

Manny went paint-balling with his work this morning so I invaded the kitchen! I started with the more mundane things and did the laundry and washing-up! Then out came the cook books, one of our new years resolutions is to use the cook book more and we will each take it in turns on a Sunday to cook a meal from them. Last week Manny cooked frittata with home made bread (seen below) After much thought and book reading (2 loads of washing done in this time!!) I settled on spouffle - yes the "P" is meant to be in there it is from Hugh's veg cookbook 

However looking through the books had got the food thoughts well and truly embedded on my brain, so when I went to tesco to buy the spinach for the spouffle I picked up mushrooms, tinned tomatoes and sesame seeds. 
One muddy Manny returned home to a very hungry me - so only 2 feet in the door and I was telling him that we would be having tortilla wrap pizza's for lunch (now 3pm!) and everything was ready for topping them! Here ismne below. Very quick to do and also lots of fun. I don't know what it is about putting your own toppings on pizzas but everyone seems to enjoy it!

I made the tomato sauce base and added cheese, feta, baby corn and egg!

Then on to stage 2 of my baking - breadsticks. I have been wanting to make these for a while now. They were really easy to so and delicious warm! I did salt and pepper and sesame and poppy seed toppings. 

As we are talking about I thought I would show you the giant yorkshire I made for last nights dinner - very happy with how it turned out - I have never made one big one before!

Finally stage 3 of the baking! I fancied something sweet, so cupcakes were the way forward. I made nutella filled cakes, chocolate, marzipan, cherry cakes and mincemeat cakes. A few of the cakes were eaten warm before I took the picture!

Now I am sat down catching up on blogland and sorting some more of my Barcelona pictures! Hope you have had a good Saturday!

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  1. You have really made me sooooo hungry! All those food pictures look so good! What a lovely way to spend a Saturday, have a good Sunday too! x