Sunday, 29 January 2012

Felt and stitches

This little stitching project started Friday night. Manny was off to a friends for 2 nights. Last time Manny was away I made him some felt bunting and decorated the house with even more bunting.  So a tradition was started. Manny was only going to be away for 2 nights so a little stitched picture was the best project!

In the end he came home a night early, but I had just enough time to finish the picture and put it on the wall. I kept it in the embroidery frame and I quite like it! I think I may make a few more things like it, I just need to find the best way of making the back look neat - on this on the fabric has been sellotaped to the hoop! Maybe some washi tape to hide this - I just don't know! If anyone has any ides please let me know!

Lastly this was Thursday night at work! Our first bit of snow for the year - it didn't settle but I enjoyed watching it falling from my desk at work!


  1. A nice welcome home!! Like the framing of it in the hoop.

  2. So fun and colourful - perfect welcome home in this dreary weather! x

  3. Hello Faye. Just popped into say hello. I noticed we are both in laalaa's craft box swap and Im passing on to you i think. So Ive just dopped in to see what you like and don't like. Lovely blog... will be popping back soon xxx Katie x

  4. Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by! I will popping over now to your blog, I look forward to the craft box swap - such a good idea!