Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First plane ride

A sneak peek for you all! I went to Barcelona last week (a christmas and birthday present - one very happy girl!!) and we returned yesterday. Today being my birthday I haven't quite got round to all the blog catching up and picture sorting yet (washing can wait - these are obviously more important!) I am part way through the photos though and promise to be back with more.

This was my first time on a plane and I was very excited - there was a slight ordeal with getting to the airport and had our flight not been delayed I would not have got on the plane!! Long story short there was a few navigation errors thanks to the GPS and a cowboy "airport" parking firm (miles away in the middle of a housing state in the back of someones garden) we were later than expected due to satnav misguiding and then they didn't have anyone to drive us to the airport (website advertised a bus would go every 10 mins) Decision made to drive to the airport and park there!! We arrived at the airport 5 mins before our gate should close, but luckily the flight had been delayed and the very kind lady on check in managed to get us through and our bag on the plane! Not the best way to start my first flight experience but from then on in everything was perfect! I loved flying and had a great time taking pictures.

Anyway enough rambling from me for now - I will be back with pictures soon! 

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