Wednesday, 25 January 2012


These are what I would like in my belly RIGHT NOW, well actually if we are being honest then the picture below is more accurate - can't just have a few smarties! 

 However no smarties will be eaten, not right now anyway - maybe soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe I will come up with some recipe that I need them for so that I have to them!

Anyway back on topic - this is the Spouffle! It went very well and it tasted delicious (actually tasted better the next day cold!) If you have spied the bread that wasn't made by it but it was homemade and delicious (Manny made it!)

A while ago I talked about resolutions one of which was to go the cinema once a week. Since the post this has happened. I have seen Shame and The artist. I enjoyed Shame (more so after watching it and thinking back about how it all linked), but I don't think it is for everyone The artist was amazing and I would highly recommend it - however if you are the person that laughs at every movement on screen then consider going to a film with lots of dialogue and loud noises as it can be quite off putting to others around!! I would love to go and see it again!

Thats enough from me, nearly time for bed and back to work!

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