Thursday, 26 April 2012

New old things

Can you spot the new additions? Well one is very obvious in its lovely aqua colour!

My new petite typewriter - an ebay present from Manny - perfect isn't it!
Oh and you spotted the other new old item a camera - I love the way it looks and it still works - just need to get some film for it.

In with the typewriter, it is case were lots of sheets of paper where someone had practiced there typing  Iris Hart - there are some letters and lovely stories that have been written. I wonder where she is now.

Then at Sundays car boot I spotted another camera - for £3 I couldn't say no! It still has a film in - only 9 pictures taken on it, I will take the rest and see if I can get it developed - it might not work but I will try it!


  1. I love your type writer! I want one now! They remind me of a much simpler time. Love Katie x

  2. I see a SPY story developing...what is on the film already..hmmmm Okay...typewriter & camera...the signs are all there...♥Debi