Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wooden animals

Do you remember when I showed you a little wood elephant my dad had made? Well here a few more photos of some of the things he has made! He loves hearing what you all think!

A three legged stool, I love the pattern in the wood - I think it looks like an owl

The owl is one of my favourites - so simple and very tactile! Remind me and I will show you the pig I helped make! And lastly, below are some hamster coffins! It all started years ago when we were younger and we had our first pet hamster - unfortunately Fred died and my dad made a little coffin for him from some off-cuts of dado rail, so when last year I got flurry he started making them again.


  1. Love Wood!!! My hubby is a woodworker. Nice burled it Walnut?? Good job, I love all the animals, cant choose just one..♥Debi

  2. My dad is also a wood nut. Their house is full of wooden creations big and small. I find they are now making their way into my house too. soon there won't be any room left! All his creations are great. He's very talented. Katie xx