Tuesday, 15 June 2010


My friend from work Adam came round, I have been forever asking him to come and clean my kitchen with me (who wants to clean on there own!) but he has always said no - so today I put the question to him what if there was cakes in it!! Well that worked a treat!! Only problem was that I may have done all the cleaning by the time he arrived!! oh well! So we were going to bake cakes but then thought brownies would be more fun!! I had everything but butter - off we went to tescos where things where purchase - a creme egg bar, some chocolate buttons and the butter! So we made creme egg brownies with chocolate glaze and white chocolate buttons. We had to test one when still warm - yummy yummy yummy the rest are off for everyone at work tomorrow!
Whilst I was on the subject of cakes I thought I would show you the cake I made a few years ago for a friends 21st Hawaiian party! It had flowers around the side but I cant find the picture of them!! I will at some point show you some more of my cakes - I do love decorating them!!

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