Sunday, 20 June 2010


Sunny sunny day, perfect time to join crafty smiles I like to be beside the seaside swap. This is going to be my first swap and I cant wait - I already have ideas of what I want to do, and will be getting started shortly!

So today I went to Bristol with my parents. Purchased some more things ready for the camping trip! Really really cant wait! Then I came home to my little flat, put the bed away (I have a fold up bed - very little flat!) and got my table and sewing machine out and made some bunting. I apologise now for the amount of photos - I got a bit excited!!
First all the cutting - this took the longest!!
All stitched up and the points poked out!
All hung and ready to go!
These little labels were a gift from my sister for my birthday- first time I have used them!
And then finally in situ! They are there ready for you to see when you come in the door!! I love them and I am thinking I may take them on the camping trip to decorate the tent!

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