Monday, 14 June 2010

York times

Here is a sneaky peek of the york bedroom!!! Its not 100% finished yet but is getting there - I really want to make some bunting but I'm not sure if it will work in this room - will have to make it work! Below is the fantastic ikea stickers going up the stairs!! I love love love love them!
Here, as promised is a few pictures of Roger - he was all snuffly this weekend, he has cat flu.

So I went to York on the weekend. Arrived on friday night and we went for a spin in the new car, accidentally stopping off at the chinese - oops! Saturday we went to a BBQ, super yummy food times, and watched the football - oh dear, less said about that the better I think.
Then Sunday we wandered about York, I really need to win the lottery - there is so many wonderful shops full to the brim of little things that you never knew you needed! I managed to resist buying anything this visit but I don't think I can be so strong again!! I did however buy a few camping items ready for our camping trip - I am super duper excited, just cant wait!

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