Monday, 28 June 2010

York times

I arrived in York after 4 hours of travelling, in the super warm!! When I got there Andrew had a very nice surprise for me to go find in the house somewhere! A s you can see from above I was a very lucky girl!!
Saturday and the car was packed ready for our picnic on the moors.
Trying to be healthy and loose weight so we had a very good picnic, with what was above, a few crackers and some cherries and grapes - yummy times
Highland cow, taking everything at his own pace!

Just a few snaps of our walk!

Then after the moors we popped to Bridlington, more photos to follow soon!
Then on Sunday we went mega tent shopping in York. With a few stops at some of the wonderful shops!!
I'm back home now, surrounded by camping gear! I got lots of material from Boyes (one of my favourite shops!) and I am going to make a blanket and maybe some bunting if I have time for our trip! Lots to do and not much time left to do it in!!!

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