Thursday, 10 June 2010

Off to yorkie

My photos for you today have no relevance whatsoever but I like them and they put a smile on my face so I hope the do the same for you!! I am sure there will be many more random posts like this to follow.

Well I started the 100 push up challenge last night- didn't go too badly, but my arms felt like jelly first thing this money - was a bit funny!!

As you can guess I am off to see Yorkie this weekend, I am driving from straight from work tomorrow 0 hopefully wont take much longer than 3 hours, can't wait. We are going to a BBQ on Saturday and not sure what we doing Sunday yet - possibly tent hunting!! I am going to get to see Roger again (our cat) Haven't seen him since we got him - I will have to do a Roger post for you when I am back - he is crazy!

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